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Drug Investigations

The Liberty County Sheriff's Department is a member of the Multi Agency Crack Enforcement (MACE) Drug Task Force. This task force is a joint effort by various local law enforcement agencies including the Liberty County Sheriff's Department. The MACE Team is funded jointly by all participating agencies and supplemented by a Federal grant from The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council. Sheriff J. Don Martin is a member of the Task Force Control Group which oversees the control and operation of the task force. Supervision of day to day operations of the task force are accomplished by Captain Al Cato, a member of the Hinesville Police Department, assigned to MACE.

MACE is comprised of nine investigators including three Deputies from the Liberty County Sheriff Department. In addition, an investigator from the Atlantic Judicial Circuit District Attorney's Office works with the task force in the day to day operations. An Assistant District Attorney from the Atlantic Judicial Circuit is assigned to the task force for all legal matters and maintains daily contact with the agents. Additionally, members of the US Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) Drug Suppression Team from Fort Stewart Georgia, work hand in hand with the task force. The task force is further augmented by members of the Georgia State Patrol on an as needed basis. This combination of assets from the various agencies provides a formidable force in the war on drugs. MACE is responsible for all drug related investigations within Liberty County, Long County, Hinesville, and all other municipalities contained within these areas.

MACE also makes extensive use of a Liberty County Deputy who is a trained and certified narcotics detection canine handler. This deputy along with his canine Remco, is an integral part of the overall anti drug effort of the task force. In addition to the daily operations of the task force which Remco supports, he is also an ever present fixture in the various schools of Liberty County. Remco assists other law enforcement agencies surrounding Liberty County on a reciprocal agreement basis.

The MACE Drug Task Force operates from an office separate from all other law enforcement agencies. Requests for information or questions may be directed to Captain Al Cato or any other task force member at (912) 877-4040.

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Liberty County Sheriff's Office
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Liberty County Jail
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Hinesville, GA 31313
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LibertyCounty Jail
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